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  • Pretty Colourful Hamam. As soon as you enter your eyes will be attracted to all the colourful tiles and artwork on the pillars and ceiling. The place is in a pretty good condition. Make sure you are up the roof where the view of the surrounding buildings is really nice and the hammam domes with the concave glasses on them are shaped beautifully....
    Mark Anthony
    Mechanical engineer
  • I've never been in desert before, and now I think everybody MUST experience desert. it is completely different phenomena. sand hills with their cleanliness ask you to take your shoes off and walk up. Seeing pieces of wet soil or a well with drinkable water with only some few meters depth, or beautiful flowers in such a dry place surprised me. The salt Lake with its white salt and interesting polygons is another attraction.
    Henry colner
    Web Manager
  • We spent an awesome moment in the desert with our guide Hossein and driver, Ehsan. From the salt Lake to the sand dunes where we were on our own we had an amazing time. They found a completely empty place on a huge sand dune by the salt Lake. Beautiful landscapes. Spending the night in a caravansary was also a great experience: a great homemade kebab made by Ehsan and a ride in the middle of the night to watch the stars and have some tea made this trip unforgettable. Highly recommended.
    Jane Jackson
  • Just after a spiral road diverted from the desert, you reach an oasis called Abyaneh a historical village with reddish view. It is dated back to 1500 years ago and there are many old shrines and mosques and also a fire temple named “Herpak”. But unfortunately they are all closed to the visitors and you can just see their doors and gates with symbolic patterns. But it is very pleasant to just walk in narrow pavements where old ladies with colorful dresses sell herbs and organic products and handicrafts here and there. Remember you should buy something from them to have permission to take photo with them.
    Albert Cann

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